Our Certification process includes the following procedure.

  • Technical Inspection,
  • Verification,
  • Testing and Conformity
  • Assessment for Industrial Markets.

The core values of complete independence, transparency and integrity guide us in our mission to deliver first-class services on a constant high quality level to customers around the country.

Our Teams of Engineers ensure that the quality and performance of products or installations meet applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client specific.

We help to improve the integrity, quality and efficiency of equipment, assure safe and healthy working conditions for employees and minimize the environmental impact of industrial activities.
Our certification procudure are divided into:
• In-Process Inspection
• Statutory and Voluntary Inspections
• Material Testing and Non-Destructive Testing
• Product Certification
We offer a combination of specialized solutions and traditional services. During all stages, from Design through Procurement, Construction and Commissioning into Operation, The company offers
a comprehensive package of integrated services.
Our expertise extends to all major Industrial Markets.
Our Services Overview:
• Design Appraisal and Verification
• Consultant according to ISO
• Document Verification
• Electrical Equipment Verification / Inspection
• Electrical Installations, Inspection & Verification
•ISO Authorized Inspection
• ISO Certification and Stamping
• CE Marking
• Factory Acceptance Test
• Inspection and Audits
• Evaluation of Second Hand (used) Machinery
• Welding Inspection
Inspection and expediting Inspection is carried out in accordance to the rules and guidelines laid down by various Indian and international regulatory bodies. Our state-of-the-art testing procedures and expertise of our highly qualified personnel allow detection of the defects at an early stage, thus saving time, energy and money.


  • Improve Documented processes
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Better products and services
  • Improved quality & profit levels
  • Improved communications
  • Cost savings
  • improved efficiency and productivity Minimize waste, inappropriate or rejected work and fewer complaints.
  • Reduces the likelihood of product recall & adverse publicity
  • Reduced duplication of inspections
  • Open up the market place to increased opportunities.
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