ISO 14000:2004 Certification
 Fast growing era of Industrialization has created environment risk in different aspect. Considering Global Warming Risk, all the countries have to fulfill its environment commitment. Considering Environmental Crisis, ISOhave issued ISO 14001:2004 Standards to deal with environmental issues globally.

Adaption of ISO 14001:2004 should be a strategic Decision of any Organization; Design & Implementation & time required is mainly depend on the following factor
Present Policy, Procedure & Practice
Organizational Environmental Issue

  • Environmental Objective of organisation
  • Scope (Activities, Products or Services) of EMS of Organisation
  • Environmental Impact Aspect of organisation
  • Legal & Regulatory Requirement

Benefits from ISO14000: 2004:

Considering today’s world concern of global warming and environmental aspect, each country have its commitment towards environmental issues. In such scenario EMS Certification help organisation in much way, some of these may be as below:

  1.  ISO 14001 helps Organisation to reduce waste handling cost.
  2. Reduces environmental liability risks
  3.  ISO 14001 increases profitability by saving energy & better utilization of natural resources.
  4. ISO 14001 Enhance branding of Organization.
  5.  Continual improvement of environmental performances.
  6.  Process through PDCA (plan Do Check Act)
  7.  EMS Certification also help to Increase Profitability
  8.  EMS helps business to ensure better compliance of legal & regulatory requirement.


  • Improve Documented processes
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Better products and services
  • Improved quality & profit levels
  • Improved communications
  • Cost savings
  • improved efficiency and productivity Minimize waste, inappropriate or rejected work and fewer complaints.
  • Reduces the likelihood of product recall & adverse publicity
  • Reduced duplication of inspections
  • Open up the market place to increased opportunities.
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