ISI Marking

  • The BIS Standard Mark (ISI Mark) is a quality mark as the consumer is always inclined towards quality products.  Therefore, the consumer as well as the organized purchaser prefers ISI Marked products. 
  • BIS carries out enforcement activity to curb the use of Standard Mark or its imitation by unscrupulous traders and manufacturers not holding valid BIS licence.  Such action also helps consumers from being mislead about quality of products that are marked with the BIS Standard Mark.

Benefits from ISI and BIS mark

  • The quality and standards of products with ISI and BIS mark are set up as this mark is issued after proper investigation.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of product with ISI and BIS mark, then the company will give you new product in return to it.
  • An action can be taken against the manufacturer of the product with ISI and BIS mark in case of its bad quality.




  • Improve Documented processes
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Better products and services
  • Improved quality & profit levels
  • Improved communications
  • Cost savings
  • improved efficiency and productivity Minimize waste, inappropriate or rejected work and fewer complaints.
  • Reduces the likelihood of product recall & adverse publicity
  • Reduced duplication of inspections
  • Open up the market place to increased opportunities.
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